Linda Hillyer

Administrator of Membership & Records
Linda Hillyer

Linda Hillyer is Dawson’s Administrator of Membership and Records. When she isn’t attached to a computer screen, she spends time arranging flowers, watching her favorite television show “Fire Country and Chicago Med, Fire, and PD.” She loves animals and has a dog, Mosely, and two cats, Alice and Demi.  grooming her beloved cat, Alice. However, you may be surprised to learn that Linda, an adventurer at heart, jumped out of an airplane on her 70th birthday.

Keeping correct and accurate records is essential to Linda’s position at Dawson. Once she called a nursing home to verify that a church member had passed away. A lady answered the telephone and Linda asked her if she could verify the death of one of their patrons. To Linda’s surprise (and glee) the person answered back “No honey, I am not dead, I was just walking down the hall and seeing no one at the desk, I answered the phone.” That is why Linda’s motto is: Verify! Verify! Verify! 

Linda has served Dawson for two stints from 1976-1982 and from 1985 to the present. She is married to Billy and they have one daughter, one granddaughter, and one great grandson.