Easter: April 17, 2022

Sermon Title: Seeing Is Believing
Scripture: John 20:24–29

This week, Pastor David shared a message entitled “Seeing Is Believing” as we celebrated Jesus’ resurrection. Specifically, we looked at:
1.        The Reality Of Our Disbelief
2.        The Remedy For Our Disbelief
Going Deeper:  
  • The story of Easter is that death doesn’t get the last word. We serve a risen Lord and Savior. This truth changed the fabric of human history. How has it changed the fabric of your life?
  • Thomas missed the first appearance of Jesus to the disciples. For us, just like for Thomas, doubt can often be a pathway to belief. Describe how you are like or unlike Thomas.
  • Instead of being defensive and irritated, Jesus met Thomas in his doubt, and He willingly showed Him the scars on His body. How are you encouraged by Jesus’ response to Thomas? 
  • Often, we think that if we could only hear Jesus in an audible voice, our doubts would be gone. Pastor David explained that Jesus does speak directly to us (see John 20:29). Explain why you can trust in Christ’s resurrection without seeing Him?
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