Genesis: Act II

“Abraham: An Amazing Journey of Faith”

Genesis 12:1-7


Pastor David began a new sermon series from Genesis this week and shared truth from Abraham’s life, his call from God and his obedience.

  • Do you ever find yourself trying to balance your faith with “moderation” and/or “common sense”? Describe how that has affected you.
  • What types of experiences/situations stretch you? Your comfort? Your convenience? Your faith?
  • What is something that is “perfect in your imagination” that God might be calling you away from? How do you feel about that call?
  • Watch this story of a Dawson member that was willing to leave what was comfortable to share God’s story.
  • What about you? Will you follow God, even if it costs your comfort?

Make this your prayer this week,


“God, give me the courage to follow You, every moment of every day. Help me not to focus further ahead than You are ready to show me. Give me the courage to follow You beyond what is comfortable and convenient. Wherever You lead, I’ll go! Amen.”