December 17, 2023

The Life Of David: The Family Feud

2 Samuel 13–16

This week, Pastor David concluded the sermon series on The Life Of David with a look at joy in the midst of darkness.


  • At the end of this sermon series on the Life of David, Pastor David shared that the Bible is not a sanitized book; it is not G-rated because life is not G-rated. This section of Scripture is sad and stark because the consequences of our sins are sad and stark. What happens in our lives when sin is not addressed?
  • Despite their estrangement and bitter feelings, David’s grief was deep over Absalom’s death. David was hopeless and joyless. How has estrangement with family or friends resulted in these same feelings in your own life?
  • The story of David’s failures and joylessness prepares us for the story of the One who can actually bring the joy we long for. We need someone who can rescue us from all of our wanderings. Perhaps this story is a reminder that we have a Heavenly Father who stands in contrast to King David, One who never fails us and never locks the doors of forgiveness when we come home. How does this glimmer of the Gospel in this part of David’s story encourage you?
  • The story of King David and his family shows us that God is in the midst of sad, sinful, messy stories. At Christmas, we celebrate Jesus bringing light to the darkness of our sinful souls. His death on the cross paid the penalty we owe for our own sinfulness. Have you accepted Jesus' sacrifice for your sin? If not, what is keeping you from accepting the most precious gift of all?


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