December 23, 2018

Birth Announcements

Matthew 2:1-16


This morning, Pastor David continued the series,“Christmas Portraits” with a message about the reactions to Christ’s birth. Reread Matthew 2:1-16 as you consider these questions. 


  • Think about birth announcements you have sent or received. What do those announcements represent for the family of the newborn? 
  • Why was Herod threatened by Christ’s birth? What does Christ’s birth threaten in your life?
  • In describing the child playing on a phone at the Christmas parade, Pastor David said, “the child was present at the parade but wasn’t participating in the parade”. Describe a time in your own life when you have had a “spirit of indifference”toward Christ. How/When did that spirit change?
  • Like the wise men, we are called to bring an “offering of GOLD to Christ”?What does that look like for you? In what area(s) do you need to offer your gold to Christ?
  • How will you respond to Christ’s birth this Christmas – Hostility, Indifference, or Worship? 

 In your time with God this week,


1. Thank God for birth of Christ, on earth, as a human baby, for the purpose of your salvation.


2. Ask God to help you always respond to Christ with the wonder and awe of worship.


3. Commit to do whatever it takes to bring and “offering of GOLD to Christ” in every area of your life and work.