December 9, 2018

Joseph: The Quietness of Obedience

Matthew 1:18-25


This morning, Pastor David continued the series, “Christmas Portraits” with a message about Joseph. Reread Matthew 1:18-25 as you consider these questions.  

  • How would you describe Joseph to someone that doesn’t know the story of Christ’s birth?
  • For a few moments, try to put yourself in Joseph’s place. How does his reaction to Mary’s pregnancy and the Angel’s instructions go against culture?
  • What we see in verse 24 is that Joseph modeled unconditional obedience and “did as the Angel of the Lord commanded him”. Could the same thing be said of you? In what way(s) are you trying to negotiate with God?
  • Each day, you are faced with a choice to surrender to God’s instruction to you or follow your own direction. What will you choose today, the idol of self or the will of God? 

 In your time with God this week,

1. Thank God for the example of obedience that Joseph gives us in these verses.

2. Ask God to help you trust Him completely as the author of a story that is bigger than your circumstances.

3. Commit to “die” to yourself, even when everything in your mind and culture encourages you to trust in your own ability.