February 18, 2024

Acts: Deceit

Acts 4:32–5:11

This week, Pastor David continued the sermon series on the book of Acts with a look at generosity and deceit.

  1. The greatest threat to Christ-centered generosity in our lives is to forget that all we have is ultimately a gift.
  2. Our deceit does lead to death–to our spiritual death.


  • In Acts 4:32–37, we see "the best of times" for the early church. What motivated the members of the early church to voluntarily share all their money and possessions?
  • Generosity frees us from the bondage of materialism and selfishness. How does an "owner or originator mentality" lead us to focus inward and make us less generous? Explain.
  • Pastor David said that we are not supposed to feel comfortable with Acts 5:1–11. What does this passage tell us about God's attitude toward sin? What sin is He calling you to confess this week?
  • Pastor David shared that our deceitfulness leads to spiritual death. Deceit is a wrecking ball in our lives and the lives of others. Will you commit to take these practical steps this week so that you will not live in the shadow of deceit?
  1. Look inside yourself: Am I a truthful person? Am I outwardly or subtly making myself appear to be what I am not?
  2. Look to God: Repent of all your sin and rely on His grace. Ask Him how to remove habits of deception so that truth becomes a habit instead. Cling to the Spirit of God in you.


The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24–26





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