July 15, 2018

We Need One Another

James 5:13-15


This week, Pastor David shared about our need for other believers. Specifically, he shared about the power of intercession. Reread James 5:13-15 as you consider these questions.

  • In what areas of your life/work are you prone to want to “do it by yourself”? Describe how James reminds you that you need other believers in your life.
  • In James 5:13-15, what should be a believer’s response to suffering? Cheerfulness? Sickness?
  • What do you learn about intercession from these verses?
  • When you are interceding, for yourself and others, do you find yourself praying more for physical healing (temporary) or spiritual healing (eternal)? Why?

In your time with God this week, thank Him for the gift of other believers and for the way He created us to need them. Ask God to show you areas of your life where you are trying to accomplish things alone that He would have you accomplish with other believers. Commit to intercede for others, their spiritual healing and the assurance that their eternity is secure in heaven.