June 10, 2018

Wisdom For Living

James 3:13-18


This week, Pastor David shared about the view of wisdom from James. Read and reflect on James 3:13-18 and James 1:5-8 as you answer these questions.


  • What is YOUR definition of wisdom? How is wisdom different from knowledge?
  • When do you find yourself going to sources OTHER THAN GOD (friends, family, books, etc.) for guidance? Why do you go to those sources before going to God?
  • According to James 1:6, what attitude are we to have when we ask God for wisdom?
  • Watch this clip from the movie, “Mrs. Doubtfire”. Pastor David shared, in the same way that Mrs. Doubtfire was trying to live in 2 different worlds, Christians can find themselves doing the same thing - holding on to God with one hand and holding on to the world with the other. In what area(s) have you been guilty of being a “double-souled” follower of Christ?

In your time with God this week, repent of any time that you have looked for wisdom in places/people other than Scripture/God. Surrender ALL the areas where you have been “double minded”. Finally, commit to asking God for wisdom FIRST.