June 17, 2018

A Faith That Comes Down To Earth

James 4:1-10


This week, Pastor David shared about friendship with God and friendship with the world. Read and reflect on James 4:1-10 as you think about the following questions.


  • Think about your closest friends. What are the characteristics of those friendships that you value the most?
  • Pastor David described the world as “an agenda set against God’s way”. What “worldly pursuits” are calling you to spiritual infidelity?
  • What are you pursuing more than you are pursuing God?
  • What “friendships with the world” are you being called to confess?
  • In James 4:6, how does God respond to you, in spite of your worldly pursuits and/or friendships with the world?

In your time with God this week, thank Him for the “gifts” of conviction, repentance and “more grace”. Ask Him how He would have you live out vv. 7-10 this week and take the next step toward doing what He tells you.