March 6, 2022

Sermon Title: The Seventh Commandment: God’s Design For Intimacy

Scripture: Exodus 20:14


This week, Pastor David continued the series from Exodus on The Ten Commandments with a look at the Seventh Commandment.

  1. God's Gift Of Marital Intimacy
  2. God's Call For Marital Fidelity
  3. The Heart Of The Seventh Commandment

Going Deeper: 

  • The heartbeat of the 7th Commandment is the truth that marriage/marital intimacy is God’s good gift. How does our culture attempt to reframe marriage and the intimacy that God designed for a husband and wife in a committed, monogamous relationship?
  • As the church remains silent about God’s gift of sexuality, the world creates many false narratives about it. What are some of those false narratives? What Scripture verse(s) speak truth to these false narratives?
  • Pastor David shared that the heart of this commandment, beyond the prohibition of adultery, is to live a life of purity. As followers of Jesus, we demonstrate purity by pursuing intimacy with our Savior. What do you need to change in your schedule in the coming week to spend more time with Jesus? 

Additional Information:

Genesis 1:28

Genesis 2:24–25

Leviticus 20:10

Deuteronomy 22:22

Matthew 5:32

Matthew 5:27–30 


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