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James 1:19-27


This week, Pastor David challenged us to think about “the gospel at work” in our lives as James described it in Chapter 1:19-27.  Read those verses again before you reflect on these questions.


  • What is ONE way you need to improve your conversation as you interact with others this week?


  • Describe how “submitting to the Lordship of Christ” has brought you freedom. Is there still an area of your conduct where you are looking for freedom? Right now, pray that God would give you freedom in this area.


  • Pastor David explained “the gospel at work in our conduct” as moving outside the confines of ourselves. Who is someone in your sphere of influence that needs help (prayer, encouragement, food, clothing, shelter, money, etc.)?


During the service, Elise Vincent from the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home joined us to talk about foster care in Alabama.  On May 20, there will be an Orphan Care interest meeting at Dawson (5:00 p.m. in Rm. 303 West). This week, will you pray about YOUR NEXT STEP in serving the 700+ orphans in Jefferson County? Then, make plans to attend this meeting and see how God would have you respond.