November 4, 2018

Ben & Candi Williams, Guest Speakers

Matthew 6:9-10

This week, the last Sunday of our Stewardship Emphasis, we heard from Ben & Candi Williams, International Mission Board Staff members about God’s faithfulness and the impact of the Dawson’s Missions budget in their ministry efforts in Africa.

  • How do you define the word “impact”? If you and your family have not made your 2019 financial commitment, please continue praying about the financial impact God would have you make through Dawson. 
  • Ben Williams shared that they didn’t always see fruit in the time they expected it and he believed it was so they “could never take credit for themselves”. Describe a time/event in your life where only God could take the credit.
  • How might you “honor” and “set apart” the name of the Lord?
  • What would be different in your daily schedule if you were NOT ALLOWED to be identified as a believer (i.e. missionary)?

In your time with God this week,

1.  Thank God that you live in a place where you are free to share your faith openly.

2.  Ask God to show you opportunities to honor the name of the Lord in your conversations and interactions this week.

3.  Commit to use your finances to share the message that “Jesus is worth it”!

To make your gift and/or commitment online, visit