October 21, 2018 | Genesis: Act II

When Laughter Turns To Tears

Genesis 21:1-21


This week, Pastor David continued the series “Genesis: Act II”. The progression of this story is messy - God’s promise and man’s doubt, God’s promise and man’s trying to take control and so on. It’s a “not so subtle” reminder that humans are messy creatures and God is our perfect Creator. Reread Genesis 21:1-21 as you consider these questions.

  • Think about a time when you “concocted a plan”to try to save yourself from negative consequences.  Describe what happened.
  • Isaac’s birth was only possible through the intervention of God. What has happened in your life that can only be explained as God’s intervention? How has that impacted you?
  • Has there been a time in your life when someone else’s decision left you feeling alone, abandoned and afraid? How did God meet you in those moments? How does He continue to meet you in your moments of uncertainty?
  • Who are the “Hagar and Ishmael’s”in your sphere of influence? How might God use YOU to help provide for their needs? 

In your time with God this week,


1. Thank God that He provides for your needs and for the needs of all who ask Him.


2. Ask God to show you specific ways you can meet the needs of people that feel abandoned, alone and afraid and are wondering how they will provide for their families.


3. Commit to starting a conversation with a “Hagar” and/or “Ishmael” in your life. As you talk, listen for opportunities to serve them and share your story of faith with them.