September 2, 2018 | Genesis: Act II

After You Fall – Then What?

Genesis 13:1-18


As we continued in the Book of Genesis this week, Pastor David looked at Abram’s next steps “after the fall”. Reread these verses as you consider these questions.

  • After his failure, Abram went back to his “spiritual home base” to build an altar and “seek the Lord in prayer”. Where is YOUR spiritual home base?
  • What keeps you from getting back to your spiritual home base after a fall? Isolation, Pride, Fear? How can you surrender that obstacle to the Lord?
  • Is your perception of God affected when repentance is not instantaneous? How?
  • Pastor David talked about the fact that Abram’s “faithful” life led to famine and his “unfaithful” life gave him vast material possessions. Describe a time, in your life or someone else’s, when you have witnessed this. How does that relate to your seeking the Lord in prayer and repentance?

In your time with God this week,

  1. Thank Him that your sinful decisions don’t nullify God’s promises toward you.
  2. Ask God to show you a fresh place of forgiveness and remind you that, when you fall, there is more race to run.
  3. Commit to consistency in your process of confession and repentance.