September 30, 2018 | Genesis: Act II

When Your Shortcut Leads To A Dead End

Genesis 16


As we continued in the Book of Genesis this week, Pastor David shared Sarai’s “shortcut” for having a child. Read Chapter 16 as you consider these questions.

  • Describe a situation from your life when you have “grown weary in the waiting”. How did you handle that situation?
  • What can you learn from the shortcut that Sarai devised?
  • When have you turned to the world instead of turning to the Lord? Explain what happened.

In your time with God this week,

  1. Thank God for His guidance and timing in your life.
  2. Ask God to give you patience in situations where you are “weary from waiting”.
  3. Commit to turn to the Lord FIRST in all situations as a way to avoid shortcuts that the world would offer to you.