September 9, 2018 | Genesis: Act II

When A Hero Comes Along

Genesis 14:1-16


As we continued in the Book of Genesis this week, Pastor David shared about Abram’s rescue of Lot. Reread these verses as you consider these questions.

  • Think about a time when you have tried to settle close to sin without being “burned” by it. What was the result?
  • How do you respond to those that have made “bad choices” and find themselves in “captivity”? Compare your response to Abram’s.
  • What would it look like for you to “step up” like Abram? What keeps you from “stepping out” in faith to help others?
  • Who is your “Lot” (i.e. who, in your life, needs a spiritual hero)? Are you “Lot” – in captivity and needing rescue? Who can be Abram in your life?

In your time with God this week,

  1. Thank Him for giving you the power and resources to help others.
  2. Ask God to allow you to be part of His salvation story for those around you and to show you when and where He would have you step up and out in faith. If you need to be rescued, ask God to show you an “Abram” to walk with you.
  3. Commit to pray for your “Lot” in the coming year.