"Children obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right." Ephesians 6:1

In order to continue conversation at home about praising God and learning our unit Bible verse, these resources are provided for your convenience:

  • The Unit Bible Verse (Ephesians 6:1) Video: Play Above
  • Family Faith Talks for each week: See Below
  • Weekly Take Home sheets: Download Below

Family Faith Talks Conversation Starters:

October 10 Family Faith Talk: How many sons did God give Isaac and Rebekah? (Two.) God made this family with two brothers, a mother and a father. God wants the people in families to love each other. Who is someone in your family? (Mom, Dad, Grandma.) God made the people in your family. God wants you to love each other. What can you do to show love to the people in your family? (Help them do chores. Play games with them.)

October 17 Family Faith Talk: What did Esau get from Jacob in the trade? (Stew.) Jacob was unkind when he tricked Esau. But God wants us to be kind to the people in our families. How can you be kind to your brother or sister? To your mom? (Share a toy with brother or sister. Help mom when she asks.) We can show love to our families by being kind to them.

October 24 Family Faith Talk: What did Esau do to show he forgave Jacob? (Ran to meet him. Hugged him.) To forgive means to be kind to someone, even after that person has been unkind. Forgiving the people in our families is a way to show we love them. How can you show love to your family today? (Tell them, "I love you." Forgive them when they are unkind. Do kind things for them.)