"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

In order to continue conversation at home about praising God and learning our unit Bible verse, these resources are provided for your convenience:

  • The Unit Bible Verse (Joshua 24:15) Video: Play Above
  • Family Faith Talks for each week: See Below
  • Weekly Take Home sheets: Download Below

Family Faith Talks Conversation Starters:

September 18: God Cared for Noah

Talk about the Bible Story: What did God tell Noah to do? Ask your child to name some of the animals that were on the ark. What happened after Noah and the animals were on the boat? Who took care of Noah and the animals? (God) “God takes care of you, too.”


  • Ask your child to make sounds of animals on the ark. Talk about how God took care of the animals and Noah on the ark.
  • Comment: “God takes care of you. What are some ways that God takes care of you?” (Clothes, food, family, etc.) Say, “God cares for you,” with your child.


September 25: Abram and Lot

Talk about the Bible Story:  What problem did the family have? How did Abram solve the problem? What did Abram want? (for his family to get along and work together) Pray and ask God to help your child find ways to get along with others.


  • Talk with your child about specific ways he can be kind to others.
  • Point out ways you see your child choosing to get along. Remind her that the Bible says to “try to get along with everyone.”


October 2: A Baby for Abraham and Sarah

Talk about the Bible Story: What happened to Abraham and Sara when they were old? (They had a baby) What was the baby’s name? (Isaac) What did Abraham and Sarah do after Isaac was born? (They thanked God and had a special party to celebrate.)


  • Tell your child about the events surrounding his birth or adoption and the excitement you felt over having a new baby in your family.
  • Remind your child that God is good to us. He gives us families. Pray, thanking God for your family.


October 9: God Cared for Jacob

Talk about the Bible Story: Where was Jacob going? (on a trip) What did he use for a pillow? (a stone) What important words did God tell Jacob in his dream? (I will take care of you and be with you everywhere you go) Lead you child in a prayer, thanking God for caring and being with us wherever we go.


  • Look with your child at pictures of a place you have visited. Talk about how God is with you wherever you go.
  • Pray together, thanking God for being with you everywhere you go.