"Your Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” Psalm 119:105

In order to continue the conversation at home about praising God and learning our unit Bible verse, these resources are provided for your convenience:

  • The Unit Bible Verse (Psalm 119:105) Video: Play Above
  • Family Faith Talks for each week: See Below
  • Weekly Take Home sheets: Download Below

Family Faith Talks Conversation Starters:

Oct 16:Elijah Prayed to God

Talk About the Bible Story: What is Elijah doing? (Asking God to send rain) What did Elijah ask God to do? (Send rain) Where did Elijah go to pray and wait for rain? (on top of a mountain) How many times did Elijah’s helper look for clouds? (Six times) What happened after the dark clouds appeared in the sky? (The wind began to blow and the rain fell) Can you talk to God and ask God for help? (yes) Pray and thank God that we can talk to Him and ask for His help.


  • Read the Bible Story. Comment that Elijah prayed and asked God for help. Say, “We can pray and ask God for help, too.”
  • Point in the Bible to Psalm 30:2. Read aloud the phrase “We can ask God to help us.”


Oct 23: People Found a Lost Bible Scroll

Talk about the Bible Story: What did the workers find? (A Bible scroll) Who was sad when he heard the words in the Bible scroll? (King Josiah) What did King Josiah do? (Called the people to the temple to read them the scroll. They told God they would do what He wanted them to do.) What is the most important book? (the Bible) Our Bibles today look different than the Bible scroll but they have the same words from God. Pray, thanking God for the Bible.


  • As you and your child handle the Bible, talk about how the Bible is special and the most important book of all.
  • Pray together, saying: “Thank You, God, for giving us the Bible.”


Oct 30: The People Sang to God

Talk about the Bible Story: In today’s story, people sang songs to God. Why were they singing song to God? (To praise God) How can we praise God?


  • Talk about things we do at church, such as singing songs to God.
  • Sing (tune “Mary Had a Little Lamb): “Thank you, God—, for my church, for my church, for my church. Thank You, God—, for my church where we sing songs to You.”


Nov 6: Ezra Read the Bible

Talk about the Bible Story: In today’s story, the people at church listened to something. What was it? (Ezra reading God’s Word from a scroll.) How did the people feel when they heard God’s Word and knew that they had not been doing what God wanted them to do? (sad) Ezra told them not to be sad, but to go do good things. What good things can you do?


  • Guide your child to mention things he has learned and can learn from the Bible.
  • Print the words Ezra, God, and Moses. Help your child locate and “read” these words in Nehemiah 8:1 and 8:6. Point to the first letter of each word to help in the search.


Nov 13: Jeremiah Wrote About God

Talk about the Bible Story: Whose words were written on the Bible scroll? (God’s) Where can we read God’s words that Jeremiah wrote? (the Bible)


  • Talk with your child about how God told people to write His words. Find Jeremiah 36 in your Bible and point to Jeremiah’s name. Point to God’s name also (see Jeremiah 35).
  • Pray with your child, thanking God that we can read His words that Jeremiah and other people wrote down.


Nov 20: Isaiah Told About Jesus

Talk about the Bible Story: Whom did God tell about Jesus? (Isaiah) What was the good news? (God’s son, Jesus, would be born and he would love all people.) God spoke to Isaiah and asked him to tell this good news many, many years before Jesus was born.


  • What activity does your child like to do most at Christmas? What activity does she like least? Plan a family meeting and make a calendar for the month of December. Ask your child for input. Delete all the activities that distract from the true meaning of Christmas. Add activities that would put the focus back on Jesus.