Dawson Preschool Ministry
Reopening Plan, Fall 2020


Dawson Preschool Families and Leadership- 


Our DPM Staff and I are excited to offer preschool programming this Fall! We appreciate the willingness of many of our caring volunteers to return to their important roles of sharing God’s love and Word with preschoolers on Sunday mornings. Just as before, while attending preschool life groups at Dawson, our infants will receive safe, loving care. Our preschoolers will enjoy a Bible story, craft, snack, play, and praise time. Our schedule and expectations will look a little different, so hopefully this document will be helpful for safely navigating on campus preschool life groups.  


We trust that each family will make the best decision about when to return to on-campus programming. In addition to Sunday life groups, we will continue to offer DPM Worship Videos and resources on the Dawson Preschool Ministry website and the Dawson app for the foreseeable future.




8:00     Worship In the Sanctuary

No Preschool Life Groups


9:30     Worship in the Sanctuary

                        Preschool Life Groups Offered by Reservation

                        Ideally families in which all the children are preschoolers (no school age nor

student siblings) will attend worship/ preschool life group during this


                        Preschoolers with school age siblings also have the option to attend DawsonKids’

Family Life Group Experience during this hour.


11:00   Worship in the Sanctuary

            Hispanic Worship in the Chapel

                        Preschool Life Groups Offered by Reservation


Reservations for Preschool Life Groups

  • Families will have the option to leave their preschooler(s) in the care of DPM staff and leadership for ONE hour (9:30 OR 11:00) of preschool life group while they attend worship.
  • If all the children in your home are preschoolers (no school age nor students), please consider attending the 9:30 worship service.
  • Reservations are required and should be made for each Sunday (no standing reservations).
  • Reservations for Sunday morning programming includes an acknowledgement of Dawson’s “Assumption of Risk” disclaimer.
  • The link for online reservations will open on the previous Sunday at 11:00 AM and will end at midnight on the Wednesday before.
  • When making reservations, be sure to register with your child’s information, not your own. (The system can be a little misleading; note the “+ Add Someone Else” button.)
  • A confirmation email will be sent immediately once the reservation is complete.
  • An additional email will be sent on Thursday to confirm your reservation and ask for you to cancel if your plans have changed.
  • When/if the designated preschool classrooms reach capacity due to space or staffing, families may be added to a waiting list.

Expectations for DPM Leadership

  • All previous expectations as detailed in the DPM Family Handbook including adherence to Dawson’s Child Protection Policy, safety & security procedures, etc.
  • Follow additional health precautions including
    • wearing a face cvering (mask or face shield),
    • having temperature checked upn arrival,
    • increased hand washing, and
    • increased sanitizatin steps for classroom furniture, toys, and equipment. 

Expectations for DPM Families

  • All previous expectations as detailed in the DPM Family Handbook including remaining on campus while children are in the care of DPM, attention to arrival and departure times, following the DPM Sick Policy, etc.
  • Follow additional health precautions including:
    • Monitor children’s health and wellness. Please stay home until any signs of sickness are gone and they have been fever free for 24-48 hours without the use of fever reducing medicine.
    • Masks are expected fr preschoolers who will attend 4K or Kindergarten classes and their older family members.
    • Only one adult family member should drop off and pick up each preschooler to minimize number of adults in preschool hallways.
    • Practice scial distancing in church buildings.
    • Take prescholers to use the restroom and wash hands before classroom arrival.

We covet your prayers and support as we prepare for fall programming. Please feel free to contact me with individual questions or concerns.



Brooke Gibson
Minister to Preschoolers

Dawson Family of Faith