Lesson 1: Jesus’ Family Went to Church

Talk about the Bible Story: What are things we might see at our church? (families, stairs, parents, children) How old was Jesus in our story? (12 years old) Pray and thank God for the children at your church.


  • Tell your child that they can be like Jesus. Say: “We can go to church just as Jesus did.”
  • Pray with your child, thank God for Jesus; ask God to help us be more like Jesus.


Lesson 2: Jesus Read the Bible

Talk about the Bible Story: Whom did Jesus say the scroll talked about? (Himself)

The Bible scroll that Jesus read told that God had sent Him.


  • Use the Bible with your child at dinner or before bed. Talk about how we can use the Bible, just as Jesus did.


Lesson 3: Jesus Chose Helpers

Talk about the Bible Story: What were the brothers doing? (fishing) What did Jesus tell the two sets of brothers? (Come. Follow me.) What did Jesus want the special helpers to do? (help tell about God)


  • Tell your child that Jesus chose people to help Him tell about God. Say that we can help God, too.
  • Read the Bible phrase “Jesus chose helpers (Mark 3:14).”


Lesson 4: Jesus Calmed the Storm

Talk about the Bible Story:  Why did Jesus’ friends need help? (They were afraid of the storm) What did Jesus do to help? (He calmed the storm)  Who helps us when we are afraid? (Jesus) Open the marked Bible and say: “The Bible says, ‘Do not be afraid.’”


  • Talk with your child about what makes them afraid. Pray, thanking Jesus for helping us when we are afraid.
  • Sing (tune “ God Is So Good”): “Jesus helps me. Jesus helps me. Jesus helps me when I am afraid.”