"Jesus said, 'I am alive forever and ever.'" Revelation 1:18

In order to continue the conversation at home about praising God and learning our unit Bible verse, these resources are provided for your convenience:

  • The Unit Bible Verse (Revelation 1:18) Video: Play Above
  • Family Faith Talks for each week: See Below
  • Weekly Take Home sheets: Download Below

Family Faith Talks Conversation Starters:

March 24 Family Faith Talk: How did the people welcome Jesus to Jerusalem? (They shouted “Hosanna.” They ran out to the road to see Him. They put palm branches and their coats on the road.) The people wanted Jesus to know that they were glad to see Him. We can show God that we’re thankful for Jesus. What are some ways to give thanks to God? (Sings songs of praise. Pray and tell God “Thank You.”)

March 31 Family Faith Talk: How did Jesus’ friends feel when they knew Jesus is alive? (Happy.) It makes me happy to know that Jesus is alive, too. We can thank God that Jesus is alive. How can you show God that you’re happy Jesus is alive? What words can you say when you pray to God? (Thank You. I’m glad Jesus is alive. I love You.)

April 7 Family Faith Talk: Show with your face the way you think Jesus’ two friends felt when they thought Jesus was dead. Show the way you think they felt when they knew that Jesus is alive and with them. Jesus’ friends were happy to know that Jesus was with them! Our Bible tells us that Jesus is always with us, too. Where do you go in the morning? Where are you when it’s nighttime? Jesus is with us all the time!

April 14 Family Faith Talk: What did Jesus promise His friends? (Jesus promised to always be with them.) Our Bible says that Jesus is always with us, too. Jesus is with us because Jesus is alive. We can thank God for the good news that Jesus is alive. Who is someone you would like to tell the good news about Jesus to?

April 21 Family Faith Talk: What did Jesus teach his friends to do? (Pray. Talk to God like He is a kind father.) Jesus teaches us how to talk to God, too. We can talk to God. God promises He will always listen when we pray. What are some of the things we can say to God? (I love You. Thank You for loving me. Please help me do good things.)