"Jesus said, 'I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6

In order to continue the conversation at home about praising God and learning our unit Bible verse, these resources are provided for your convenience:

  • The Unit Bible Verse (John 14:6) Video: Play Above
  • Family Faith Talks for each week: See Below
  • Weekly Take Home sheets: Download Below

Family Faith Talks Conversation Starters:


April 2 Family Faith Talk -  Hosanna for Jesus

Why were the people shouting “Hosanna” to Jesus? (Because they were happy to see Jesus.) What did the people lay on the road when they saw Jesus coming? (they spread out their coats and cut branches out of trees.)

April 9 Family Faith Talk -  Jesus is Alive

What did Mary find when she arrived at the tomb? (The tomb was empty.)  What did Mary do when she saw that Jesus is alive? (She ran and told Jesus’ other friends.) Jesus’ friends were glad to know Jesus is alive! We can thank God for the good news that Jesus is alive!

April 16 Family Faith Talk -  Jesus Cooked for His Helpers

What happened when the man instructed them to throw the net back in the water? (Their net was full of fish.) Who did Peter and his friends realize the man was? (Jesus.) What did Jesus do when they got their fish back to the shore? (He cooked fish for them.)