Pray: August 3–7

God is ∙ Jehovah Rapha

The God Who Heals
Having endured the plagues in Egypt and escaped pursuers through the Red Sea, God's people are faced with nothing to drink as they wander in the wilderness. God changes bitter water into sweet and proclaims that He is the LORD their Healer. The Great Physician also restores sick hearts and broken souls.
Exodus 15



PRAISE the God who Heals.
CONFESS doubt that God can restore any part of ourselves or our lives.
THANK God for restoring, mending, redeeming, and healing.
ASK for the healing you and your loved ones need, body, soul, and spirit.


  • Consider all the ways “sickness” manifests itself: personally (pride, envy, etc) or in society (racism, addiction, etc). Pray for God’s healing in all the circumstances that affect you or your community.
  • In Scripture, God calls on his people to remember. When have you experienced God's healing power?