Pray: August 10–14

God is ∙ El Roi

The God Who Sees Me

Alone, pregnant, and driven from her home, Sarai’s servant Hagar met the God who sees her while she was in the desert. Jesus also saw the marginalized and the outcast, welcoming them into his watchful care. This is the character of God, the One who sees them, sees us, sees you.
Genesis 16



PRAISE the God who sees you and knows everything about you.
CONFESS when we have not, like Christ, really seen those who are sick, marginalized, outcast, poor, lonely.
THANK God for watching over you and your family.
ASK that God would help you see those who feel invisible, and extend His love to them.


  • What biblical examples come to mind when you think about outsiders Jesus saw and reached out to?
  • Is there a category or group of people that comes to mind to pray for now? The homeless? Those sick and alone in hospitals? A foreign people group? People who feel marginalized in Birmingham?
  • Is there a plea in your heart for God to see you? Pour out your heart to God, the One who sees.