Pray: July 6–10

God is ∙ YAHWEH Yireh

The Lord Will Provide

After Abraham proved his faith in God through his willingness to sacrifice his son, God provided a ram to be sacrificed in Isaac’s place. Years later, Yahweh Yireh would give his own Lamb to take away the sins of the world.
Genesis 22:1–14


PRAISE Yahweh Yireh who provides us with all that we need.
CONFESS our fear that God will abandon us in our need.
THANK God for the ways he has provided for you physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
ASK God to help us face difficult situations with the confidence that our Provider never leaves us.


  • Make a list of specific ways God has provided and has answered your prayers. Give thanks for his provision and look back at the list when you are troubled by a difficult situation.
  • Reflect on times in your life when you could see the connection between obedience and blessings.
  • Consider how you can echo God’s provision in the lives of others by sharing your blessings and resources.