5 Simple Prayer Tools for Preschool Families

During KidLife 2020, five Dawson families demonstrated these prayer methods.


Photo Prayer Cards

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    • Use Christmas cards or photos (printed or digital) to pray for your family members / loved ones. Thank God for making and loving them. Ask God to guide them to know and love Him more.

 Live Like Jesus Prayer Snack 

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    • Provide a snack with a variety of colors (jelly beans, M&M’s) or pieces (trail mix). Give each family member 3-5 pieces of the snack. Take turns naming one way you can live like Jesus/ be kind to others for each bite you take. Then, say a prayer to God, asking Him to help you live like Jesus each day. 

High Five Prayer

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    • Say: Your hand has 5 fingers. Each finger reminds us of something to pray for. Let’s each hold up one hand and pray together. 
    • Thumb- Praise God (Ex. God, You are our Great, Big God!) 
    • Pointer- Confess Your Sins/ Say I’m Sorry (Ex. God, sometimes I forget to be helpful and kind. Please forgive me.) 
    • Middle- Thank God (Ex. Thank you for my family and friends.) 
    • Ring- Pray for Others (Ex. Please help those who are sick.) 
    • Pinky- Pray for Yourself (Ex. Help me live like your Son, Jesus.) 
    • Palm- Closing (Ex. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.)

Family Prayer Box 

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    • Gather a box or bowl, strips of paper, pens or crayons. 
    • Give each family member one or more strips of paper. On each strip, write or draw a prayer request. Put all strips in the box or bowl in the middle of your meal table. 
    • Prayer requests may include: names of family/ friends; missionaries; leaders of school, church, government; community helpers; people you know who are sick; guidance/ help making a hard decision or completing a task; Growth in character or fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23); to become more like Jesus, etc. 
    • When you gather for a meal, pull one or more strips and pray for those requests. Then return them to the bowl. Your family can reuse, retire, and replace prayer requests strips as needed and use this prayer tool over and over.  

Prayer for Missionaries or Loved Ones

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    • Missionaries are sent by God to share God’s love and tell others about Jesus. 
    • Sing the song, “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes with motions. Then pray for the heads, shoulders, knees, and toes of missionaries around the world. 
    • Point to Head: God, we pray that the missionaries all over the world will continue to learn more about the Bible and the best ways to share it with the people they meet. 
    • Point to Shoulders: Help them as they reach out to serve others by helping them. 
    • Point to Knees: Guide them to kneel and pray for the people who live around them. 
    • Point to Toes: Show them where they should go each day to share Your Love. Amen. 
    • Optional: Eyes and ears, and mouth, and nose- pray for these areas as well. Ask God to help them see the people He wants them to help, ears to listen to their stories, mouths to tell them Jesus loves them, and noses to smell the food they will share with them.