Summer Camp Recruitment

Here at Dawson Recreation, we have two weeks during the summer in which campers go out to Camp Dawson for some adventure, fun, and encouragement in Christ. For these two weeks, we are looking to hire camp counselors, Lifeguards, Craft Workers, etc. We hire high school (completed 9th grade) and college students to work and serve as Day Camp counselors for either one or two weeks during Summer 2023.

Day Camp Week 1: June 12–15 (4 Day Camp)

Day Camp Week 2: June 2630 (5 Day Camp)

Training Date: Sunday, May 21, 12:30 pm - 3:00 pm ***There will be additional dates as we get closer to camp, depending on where you are placed as a counselor.***

Positions looking to fill:

- Lifeguards

- Craft Workers

- Day Camp Counselors

If you are someone who loves to have fun, work hard, and share Jesus with kids (1st–5th grade), then we would love to talk with you. As a Day Camp Counselor, you will have the unique opportunity to get to know and invest deeply in the lives of about 10 campers throughout the week. You will be with them every moment of the day, getting to have fun at various activities, and the joy of leading them to discuss Christ and who He is to them.

Application Here

***The deadline to apply is April 24.***

FAQs and Additional Information

How many counselors will you hire?

We only have enough space to hire 45 counselors. There is no guarantee once you apply that you will be hired.

Any additional requirements to apply and work?


- Each counselor will be required to attend mandatory training. We will get these dates to you ASAP.

- There will be additional certifications that we will require of counselors. As we get closer to Day Camp times, we will provide you with this information and instructions.

Do counselors get paid differently depending on age?

Yes, below you will see the pay for various grades.

Freshmen – All freshmen are considered a C.I.T. for first week– no pay (Some exceptions depending on experience)

Sophomores - $240/4 day week & $300/5 day week

Juniors - $248/4 day week & $310/ 5 day week

Seniors - $256/4 day week & $320/ 5 day week

College Students - $272/4 day week & $340/5 day week

+ Free swag and snacks for all counselors and C.I.T.s


Could I be hired for one week but not the other?

Yes. We will let you know after your interview what week or weeks you are hired for. We only have space for 45 counselor's/C.I.T.s per week.

What if I can only work a portion of the week?

While we would love for everyone to be able to work, even just a little bit, you MUST be able to work the entirety of your week scheduled. If you are in Chapel Choir, let us know and we can discuss what this could look like for you.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Reggie Hatcher at or Bre Huff at or Josh Donaldson at