By Ben Hale
Evangelism & Missions Pastor

Central Asia

Dawson has an existing partnership in Central Asia with East/West Ministries through our personal connection with Dawson members who live and serve there.

These Dawson members live in a country of over 80 million people where the prevailing religion is closely tied to its national identity. Thus the overwhelming majority of people in the country identify as Muslim (more than 99%).
In spite of the fact that much of the early history of the Christian church took place where they live, it is currently one of the most unreached countries in the world, with evangelicals numbering fewer than 10,000 (0.01% of the total population).

During the next phase of Go Love Tell (2021–2025) Dawson will expand this strategic partnership in an effort to enable our partners to increase the number of short-term volunteers working with them to strengthen their in-country personnel and expand their outreach and church planting efforts. This five-year partnership will need to involve a great number of people from the Dawson Family of Faith by volunteering and intentionally praying for the growth of the church among this unreached people group. The sidebar to the right includes a special message to Dawson from our Central Asia partners:

To our faithful family, friends, and partners in ministry,

Yes, this is who you are! Faithful to theLord and faithful to us and to what theLord is doing here among our people group! We want to share with you our profound gratitude and thanks for your commitment to seeing the lost in our People Group reached for Christ. We are keenly aware that you could be doing many other things with the resources theLord has given you and we are privileged to serve with you. So, please know we appreciate you, we value you, and we could not be here without your prayers and support!

Thank you!